2024 Mahindra Flex Wing F-12


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2024 Mahindra Flex Wing F-12

The Mahindra F-Series flex-wing rotary cutters are ideal for airports, campuses, estates, farms, parks,
orchards, and roadsides. The Flex-Wing deck design lets you cut on rolling terrain without having to
make multiple passes — something fixed-deck cutters can only dream of. They come in three widths,
including 10, 12, and 15 feet. They are engineered to be powerful and heavy-duty and have a warranty
to match.

  • Safety features include deflectors and/or chain guards to protect people, passing
    cars, and buildings from rocks and debris
  • Smooth, thick wall decks for easy cleanup, preventing rust, and long life
  • Replaceable, anti-scalping skid shoes for excellent ground contouring and long-lasting deck life
  • Heavy-duty turn buckles for fewer breakdowns and less stress
  • Easy-lift composite hood for quick maintenance
  • Best-in-class Lucas Oil® for reduced gearbox wear, friction, drag, and heat
  • 5- or 6-year limited gearbox warranty for peace-of-mind

With a more compact design than our F-10 model, The F-12 Flex Wing rotary cutter makes narrow turns and close cuts around trees, thanks to its pivoting hitch and form-fitting tires. And it’s unique wing-bar blade keeps it lightweight while protecting the gearbox output shaft.

  • Works with PTOs discharging 35 – 60 hp
  • Transport width fits through a 9-ft gate
  • 12-ft wide cutting deck
  • Bi-directional pivoting hitch for impressive short turning radius in tight spaces
  • 2- to 12-inch cutting height
  • 1.5-inch diameter cutting capacity